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Reservation Road - Actor Photos

Here are recent photos of the actors, at Reservation Road's premiere in Toronto.

Jennifer Connelly
Toronto Film Festival, In Style, c 2007

The Toronto International Film Festival took place in mid-September 2007. All four actors appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of Reservation Road. It will be in limited release on October 19, 2007.

From the festival, The Star Ledger's Stephen Whitty reported that "It's the story of a tragic accident that tears up two families, and while its treatment of grief is real and wrenching -- and something I'll be writing more about, as it seems to be the theme of this coming movie season -- it's once again the performances that stay with you."

Mira Sorvino
Toronto Film Festival, Exposay, c 2007

Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Ruffalo
Toronto Film Festival, InStyle, c 2007

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