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Reservation Road - The Actors

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The book, Reservation Road, has now become a film. What a cast! Here are the actors who have been drawn to this new independent film, in the ensemble:

Joaquin Phoenix, as Ethan Learner
Jennifer Connolly, as Grace Learner
Mark Ruffalo, as Dwight Arno
Mira Sorvino, as Ruth Wheldon

In case you need a gentle reminder or two?

o Joaquin won an Oscar, playing Johnny Cash in Walk The Line. He also was in Hotel Rwanda, and its director (Terry George) helms this film too.

o Jennifer broke out as the beleaguered wife in A Beautiful Mind, and was a challenged journalist in The Blood Diamond. She seems to pick interesting material.

o Mark's the guy we rooted for, in Zodiac. We all wanted him to get the girl in 13 Going On 30 too. Of course, he's a bit more troubled in this film.

o Mira has been a great character actress, and who can forget Mighty Aphrodite? Barcelona was very interesting too. She's able to transform into many different roles.

So these are well-known, gifted actors. I think Reservation Road's worth seeing simply for the cast alone!

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Reservation Road, 2007

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